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1.Cloth: cotton, polyester, fiber, textile — t shirt, jeans, hoodies, bag, cap, socks, shoes
2.Leather: bag, wallet, basketball
The main advantages:
DTF Printer:1. Automatic white ink stirring, solve the problem of ink blocking.
2. Preheating function, heat the item which is printing to semi-dry, to get a better adhesive power effect.
3. Temperature and humidity display, real-time monitoring and adjustment.
4. There are different print head for your choice, R1390, L1800, DX5.

1. Small and lighter in weight, cost less shipping fee, the heat size is enough to print A3 size.
2. Alarm function, to remind you the item is done, and no need to keep eyes on all the time.

Consumables(need to buy separately)
DTF PET film (30CM W,100M L)), 5*500ml DTF ink (CMYK+W), 1 kgs hot melt powder
Printing Resolution2880*1440DPI
Printing Size300*420mm
Printing SpeedA3/7Min(1440dpi)
Ink Consumable1 Square/20ml
Support SystemWindowXP、7、10
Ink Supply6 Colors Bulk Ink System
Support White ink or notSupport
Power supply24V 5A full power (output voltage 110-240v)
PrintheadEPS DX5&R1390&L1800 Optional
Printer Weight17kgs
Oven Weight10KGS
The main difference among DX5/L1800/R1390 DTF printer
Print headDX5R1390L1800
print speed3min/A3 (1440dpi)7min/A3 (1440dpi)8min/A3 (1440dpi)
Ink supply system8 channels (CMYK+WWWW)6 channels (CMYK+WW)6 channels (CMYK+WW)
RIP softwareAcroRIPAcroRIPAcroRIP
New feature1. Automatic timed white ink stirring.2. Heater strip preheating.
3. Temperature and humidity monitoring, adjustable temperature.
Product Details: Application: Printing on pet film, then transfer to cotton /leather /canvas /polyester /textile products, like t shirt, bags, hats, socks,aprons, masks and so on.

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