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2D 3D Single Head Cmyk Colour Inkjet Wall Printing Printer Machine Direct To Ceramic Tile Wooden Board Rice Paper Glass Canvas
Product Description
A high quality wall print is characterized by the quality of the ink and the texture of the wall. Thanks to its wafer-thin design, the UV ink adapts perfectly to the surface and can also be printed on uneven surfaces such as woodchip. At the same time, the motif merges with the wall so that it appears as if it was painted. Thanks to the pressure, an uncomplicated and flawless installation is possible without nibbling off the foils or drilling holes. The advantage is that no air bubbles can arise and that the wall print is straight on the wall. Just as quickly as attaching it, the wall print can be easily removed by painting over it.
Machine Control
PC control machine
Photo printing
Built in computer and LCD Screen
Printing head
1pcs Epson Industrial printing head or 2 print head
Machine size
1.6meter *0.5 *0.7
Printing size
2000mm  height, Printing width is no limit
UV ink ,synthetic ink ,
CMYK INK + W ( white optional printer head )
Brick wall, painted wall, wall paper, canvas, metal , Wood, glass, ceramic tile etc.
Printing resolution
720X2880dpi 1440*2880 Dpi
Servo Motor
The main-board configuration
Running 120G SSD with 8 cores and 8GB
Digital transfer
Fiber Cable
Power supply
90-246V AC
Power consume
Ready mode<20dBA, Printing<72dBA
Driving program
Windows 7, Windows 10
6- 18 Square meters with different printing mode .
English, Chinese
Details Images
1.Original Epson TX800 4770 XP600 DX5 DX7 printhead ,1440dpi full color image shows prefect.

2. The wall printer is fast and low-cost.make big profit by Commercial advertising and home decorating

3. LCD English display Controlled by computer. Easy operation and maintenance.No need any professional knowledge

4. Special pigment ink,no smell ,real color,water proof,not fade,keep more than 8 years in outdoor and indoor

5. Full color image can complete at once. The gradients of image has 3D effect.

6.Free software. apply to any format of the picture or word.directly print the wall.

7. Automatic print head cleaning system, do not need to remove, and it can finish automatically. So it can ensure the ink road smooth.

8.12 months trouble-free warranty, Life-time technical support.all spare parts are available from us

9. Automatic breakpoints memory, automatic recovery of the starting position. The inkjet printer for wall mural can continue to start tomorrow and there is no need to reset, the wall printing machine is equipped with built-in UPS power supply, automatic charging, automatic switching to built in power supply.

Applicable to interior and exterior walls that require decoration, such as homes, office spaces, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, entertainment centers, KTV and other interior walls, as well as external government propaganda, civilized construction, and cultural construction. Just – – picture can sway your inspiration ideas, so that the monotonous wall instant spirituality full of art.
Company Profile

1. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer, and also provide the business solution to all the friends.

2. Q: What is your delivery time ?

A: Normal delivery time is 30-55working days beside less stock model after received your deposit .

3. Q: Can you help us to buy other goods?

A: Sure of that, it is our honor to work for you, and control the goods quality.

4. Q: How was your machine warranty ?

A: our all machines has one and half year (18mouthes) guarantee. Beside guarantee we will supply
cost spare parts and free maintenance knowledge .

5. Q: How can you do after sales service ?

A: beside the quality guarantee, our company also regards the after sales service, using a full arrange
of service to solve the problems of clients. We supply multiple channels of service by 7×24 hours on
phone / on site technical support / on site service / preventive maintenance also training again.

6. Q: What’s your payment terms ?

A: 30% deposit by TT , 70 % balance before shipping by TT or at sight L/C, western union /cash are also
accepted for us .
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we will reply within 24h!

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