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Product Description Perfect Laser specializes in R & D and production of mural wall painting machine, high quality, global services. This model is PE-UV40 wall painting machine is an industrial control all-in-one machine, using an embedded control panel, no need for a computer. Small and portable, plug and play.The motor drives the rollers on the china wall painting machine body to move left and right on the flat ground for printing.PE-UV40 wall painting machine has an exquisite and fashionable appearance, adopts the popular H-frame on the market, a siphon continuous ink supply system, dual-sensor automatic induction, micro piezoelectric inkjet technology and variable ink droplets, which makes the printing more vivid and realistic. Sample & Application 1.Applicable materials:
The wall painting machine is widely suitable for interior and exterior walls, putty powder wall, latex paint wall, white wall, imitation porcelain wall, diatom mud wall, canvas, tiles, glass, rice paper, wall clothing, color coated glaze, shell powder, color paint and so on.2.Applicable industries:
The wall painting machine is widely used in home decoration, advertising industry, cultural and educational industry, government propaganda, hotel decoration, art experience museum, etc. Main Features 1.The wall painting machine body is small , which can save freight. The foldable rack is optional (extra charge) for easy carrying.2.With high-precision brushless servo motor control system, vector positioning, no grating, motor without carbon brush, eliminating the need for cleaning, maintenance, wear and tear after the map garbled, need to regularly replace and other issues, painting high precision, maintain.3.The china wall painting machine is equipped with nozzle protection device to protect the nozzle in all directions.4.Integrated head design of the wall painting machine, separable structure. Effectively avoid the damage caused by handling bumps, all around the nozzle installation board, thus extending the actual life of the printing head.5.The USA imported hyperbolic "Banner" sensor of the wall painting machine is used to sense up and down to avoid damage caused by the nozzle hitting the wall due to uneven wall surface.6. The unique heating function,enables this wall painting machine to adapt to the cold weather in the north and work normally in the environment of 0℃-50℃.
7.The sensor of the wall painting machine is imported from the USA, the sensing speed reaches millisecond level, the nozzle can expand and contract faster when encountering obstacles, and a metal protective shell is installed to prevent damage to the sensor.
Machine Details Related Product Packing and Delivery Technical Data

ModelPE-UV40 Wall Printing Machine
Machine Body Aluminum-magnesium alloy, Frame structure
Actual Print Size(H×W)2000×4500mm (Standard)Width could be extended infinitely by adding guide rails
Control MethodComputer Operation
Main-board Configuration
4 core CPU, 8G DDR memory
Data InterfaceUSB 3.0
Nozzle ModelStandard:EPSON piezoelectric nozzle × 1(Double nozzles can be customized)
Drop sizeMinimum 3.5PL,maximum 12PL
InkWater-based / UV ink
UV Light Cooling MethodAir-cooled
Ink AbsorberImproved Type(The Improved Type has good sealing performance, high cleaning efficiency and wastes less ink with strong adsorption capacity)
Automatic feed, 340ml pigment library for special or various colors with sealing plug and dust cover
Painted Resolution360×720dpi;720×1080dpi;720×1440dpi;1080×1440dpi;1440×2880dpi
Machine Speed (m2/hour)
10 (Sketch mode)8 (Production mode)6 (Quality model)4 (High-precision mode)
Image Type
Voltage 220V
Power Consumption
20W (no load) ; 250W (maximum)
Standby < 20dBA, drawing < 72dBA
Working Environment
0℃~50℃ without snow
Storage-21℃-60℃(-5°F-140°F) 10%-70% relative humidity with non-coagulated state
System PlatformWindows XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win 9 / Win10
Machine LanguageEnglish, Chinese
CertificationCE, GB 18582-2001, GBT 9756-2001
Packing Size (L×W×H)900mm×500mm×1500mm
Packing TypeCompound wooden case comply with exporting standard.Deluxe Packing is optional.Portable roller case.Size according to your order
Note: the above technical parameters are the design parameters.If there is any difference, it should be subjected to the actual effect of the equipment.
Our Company We, Perfect Laser, as a 21 years history industrial equipment manufacture in laser field, 13 year Golden Supplier in Alibaba, with CE/ISO certification, we aims to make high quality products, and also our products have been exported to more than 180 different countries and areas.Our products include all kinds of1.Wall printer2. Laser Marking Machine(Fiber/CO2/UV)3.Fiber Laser Cutting Machine4.Co2 Laser Engraver and Cutter5.Industrial Inkjet Printer Contact us

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