420G Polycotton Inkjet Canvas / Inkjet Plotter Canvas Rool With Manufacturer Supply

Product Description

Waterproof polyester fabric canvas is suitable for all solvent-based inkjet system, UV, Latex and water-base inkjet system. Excellent coating has good ink absorbency, great printing effect.

You can get perfect cotton canvas, polyester canvas and poly-cotton canvas from us. Waterproof pigment material is an ideal media for your water-based printer, environmental and waterproof.

Large format roll is available here. We can produce 0.61m-3.2m width, and 10m-200m lendth rolls. We are always in stock, so there is no minimum quantity here. 

Item No.Product NameInk SurportWeight(g)Width(m)Length(m)
100% Cotton Canvas
OCC420Cotton canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment4200.61-3.218/30/50/100
OCC360Cotton canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3600.61-3.218/30/50/100
OCC340Cotton canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3400.61-3.218/30/50/100
OCC300Cotton canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3000.61-3.218/30/50/100
OCC280Cotton canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment2800.61-3.218/30/50/100
100% Polyester Canvas
OPC280Polyester canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment2800.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPC260Polyester canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment2600.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPC280Polyester canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment2400.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPC280Polyester canvasEco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment2200.61-3.218/30/50/100
Poly-cotton Canvas
OPCC420Mixed canvas Eco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment4200.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPCC360Mixed canvas Eco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3600.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPCC340Mixed canvas Eco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3400.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPCC320Mixed canvas Eco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3200.61-3.218/30/50/100
OPCC280Mixed canvas Eco-solvent/Latex/UV/Pigment3000.61-3.218/30/50/100


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