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Black foil printed stripes on red 100 GSM recycled cotton paper. Wood fee, acid free handmade paper. A premium gift wrap for all kind of occasions rolled up on a paper tube. Can be shipped flat also, double folded or just flat. Can be supported by other packing accessories like bags, boxes, tissue papers, tags & labels – a wonderful packing range in environment friendly paper. Can definitely be customized in terms of sizes, color logo & other details.

Product Type :Sheets
Material :Handmade  Paper
Feature :Eco-Friendly
Color :Red
Uses :Gift
Size Cm :56" x 76" Cm
Size Inch :22"x 30"
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The papers at Camelon Exports are designed and developed through an exclusive and proprietary process that guarantees good returns in terms of usage, feel and looks.

We have a tradition of handmade paper making, a tradition, and a craft, which, over the centuries has been refined to something similar to an art – form.

Quality, along with rich and varied raw materials, makes us stand apart from other manufacturers. It is not quality of finished product that we take care of, but also the quality of raw materials, the process, and all other details, right upto packaging. We do not think twice about organizing materials right from the farthest reaches of Himalayas to the Southernmost tip of India.

At Camelon, our standards are set to satisfy you and you are always welcome to let us know the consumers choice, which is the final word for us. We would like to work with you to develop and make products that both of us would be proud to call OURS.

In quest of creating beautiful things with nature.

Exhibition Over Advantages

                                                     ADVANTAGE WITH US.

1.Being manufacturers, we have direct control over making & quality. Therefore, each and every specification from the buyers can be carried out.

2.Working on smaller MOQs is possible due to that.

3.As we are manufacturers, prices are sharper as there is no trading involved.

4.Branding of items is possible on a very reasonable expense.

5.Faster delivery – as we take care of time and produce things faster, keeping buyer's time in mind.

6.Specified packing can be carried out like inner cartons / master cartons of required shape and size. Barcodes and stickers are no problems at all.

7.Bigger shipments can be transported by our capable C&F agents – by sea or air both.

8.Smaller shipments too can be couriered out 'door to door' through us on cheaper rates on some of the best known courier people like FedEx. WE have tie ups.

9.We have our qc measures and on each and every stage, orders are checked and processed from beginning to end.

Packing & Delivery

Specified packing can be carried out like inner cartons / master cartons of required shape and size. Barcodes and stickers are no problems at all.

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