Product Description Non ammonia high speed engineer blue printing machineEngineering Blueprint Printer Blueprinting Machine
Plan printer, blueprinting machine higher quality
Also we have all kinds of consumable for sell: diazo paper, single blue paper, double blue paper,CAD drawing mylar film,CAD Drawing Sheet or Roll 80gsm Diazo Blueprint Paper

Model No: WE-2000 series high speed blue print machine
Printing size: 1120mm (AO size)
Developing method: pressure diazo
Seperation mode: Manual
Paper out mode:Front, back, up
Light: Special fluorescent lamp 140W/PC
Paper in speed: 50-1400m/h,50-2000m/h
Power: AC 220V/50HZ
Wattage: <470W(3 lamps)<610W(4 lamps)
Consumable: kinds of high speed blueprinter paper,developer
Machine size: 1530x650x1100mm
Machine weight: 98kg
Manual separate blue printing machine and automatic separate blue print machineCheap price higher quality easy operation
Consumable 1Engineering blue paper
Consumable 2Non ammonia chemical
Characteristic1.Non ammonia blue print machine
2. Hot selling in Philippine, Kenya, Thailand, Nigeria market ec…
3. One stop supplier for all the printer, blue paper and chemicals
ApplicationIt is widely use for engineering blue paper printing
Best Selling Company Introduction FAQ Q: Do you have the samples to provide? Is it free of charge?
A: Yes. We provide samples for free of charge, with freight collection.
The samples can be both sheet size and small roll

Q: What is the lead time for delivery?
A: Usually 3-7 days after payment (deposit).
This time includes production time, and testing time before delivery.
Q: How to order and contact us? Most of the products we have in stock for quick delivery.
Pls contact our sales team as following:
Email: [email protected]
Tel/Wechat: 15218749646
WhatsApp: 86-15218749646
Skype: Davidwang0619

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