CJ-UV4560D A2 UV Flatbed PrinterCJ-UV4060D A2 uv flatbed printer with three pcs Ep son XP600 ,TX800 or DX7 heads can print CMYK white and varnish inks at the same time. CJ A2 uv printer max printing size is 43*60cm , It can print on various items and wide applications, such as phone case, rotary bottle ,ceramic tile,golf ball, metal, wood, acrylic, glass ,leather ,etc. Machine Advantage Products Description

HI-WIN guide rail and screw guide

Stout 4 article straight rail up and down, smooth, stable ,make sure all position of the platform has same height, so can accept Bi-direction printing.also with long lifetime

Printer body frame & platform base

The keel of cj A2 uv printer is thicken aluminium profile to ensure the machine stable working.

Vacuum adsorption platform

43*60 cm printing size of vacuum adsorption table with margin rule mark which can allow to print on the flexible media also,more productively

Ink alarm system 500ml/bottle

8-color ink cartridge design, makes the print effect is more realistic .The white ink circulation system work constantly keep white ink from sediment and last the lifespan of print head.

Printer head bracket

All aluminum alloy, stable corrosion resistance, long life.support 3 pcs XP600/DX7 heads,one pass printing for all color CMYK white varnish

Automatic inks protection suction unit

Automatic print head wipe and keep wet system. Automatic flushing when power on and keep wet when off. Just for prevent print head clog during idle and after printing.

Imported mute drag chain

From Germany belt high precision and anti-friction.Well protect lines and water pipes, no deformation for decades using.

HI-WIN guide rail on X-axis

CJ A2 UV printer uses HI-WIN 3.5 cm straight square rail on X axis which drive the carriage move more high precision.

Rotary printing device

Adjustable cylindrical print tooling supports digital UV printing on bend surface, cylinder objects and balls

Platform infrastructure

The platform and the screw rod are not simply combined together, but firmly fixed with high-quality screws

Leadshine servo motor

Lower noise and heating.smoother operation high printing accuracy Strong anti-interference capability and long service life

Led touch screen

LED control display screen is easier to operate and control the working status of the machine than the button screen

Four pcs uv led lamp

CJ A2 uv led printer with 4 pcs uv led lamps, it can achieve better color fixing effect when printing in both directions

Water-cooled circulation system

The system ensures that the LED lamp maintains a constant temperature,extending the LED lamp to 40,000 hours,avoiding high temperature hurt

Leakage protection device

Effectively protect operators and avoid any accidents of electric shock,more safer.
ModelCJ-UV4560D A2 UV Led Printer
Print head
3 PCS EP XP600(DX9/DX11) or 2 pcs EP DX7 head 
Print size
43*60cm/16.9*23.6 inches for A2 uv printer
Print height
25cm(9.8 inches) for A2 uv printer
Inks colorCMYKLCLM/CMYK+6white+6varnish 18 colors UV LED curing ink
Print resolution720dpi, 1440dpi, 2160dpi, 2880dpi
Applicable mediasphone case, pen, braille,small tube, lighter,wood, glass, acrylic, plastic,aluminum,mug/bottle, sign, leather, PVC, metal, ceramic tile, board, rubber, porcelain, marble, granite,MDF,ABS,etc
Operating systemWindow XP/ Windows 7/ Window 10
RIP softwareMaintop/Photoprint
Image formatTIFF, JPEG/EPS/PDF
Driving power110 V/ 220 V.
EnviromentTemperature: 18-45 ℃ humidity: 40_70 %
Machine size & weight110*103*75 CM 100 KG
Packing size & weight 120*110*90 CM 130KG
Printing Samples Customer Feedback Our Company Packing & Delivery Packing size is 128*117*100 cm , gross weight 150kg Packing use international wooden case ,shipping within 3-5 days and by sea,air,land & express FAQ

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