Note: The quotation is a prepaid deposit, and different nozzles can be customized according to customer needs, please contact the salesperson for details. Product Description Specification

Number of print head1/2
Printer size900*480*510mm
Maximum printing widthA3/330mm
Printer weight60kg
Outer packing size960*630*620mm
Printing softwareMaitop 6.1/photoprint
Print speed47204Pass:10m2/h,6Pass:6m2/h,8Pass:4m2/h
Printing accuracy360*2400dpi,360*3600dpi,720*2400dpi
Environmental conditionsTemperature:20-28℃/Relative Humidity: 65%-75%
Ink type and configurationTextile Pigment ink
Working Power supply220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ
The Ironing temperature160-170℃ Cold /hot to tear
Powder dryer:2400W
Three heating sectionsPre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater 30℃-65℃
Powder shaker nameA3 shaking powder drying machine
Retractable media width330MM
Applicable mediaCloth, nylon, chemical fiber, face cloth, leather, swimsuit, PVC, EVA, etc.
functional itemPowder shaking control, dusting control, curing temperature PID setting
Heating and drying functionFar infrared carbon fiber heating tube heating
Rewind functionAutomatic induction winding
Electrical parametersRated voltage 220V, 110V, rated current 5A, rated power 800W
Dimensions and WeightXP600: Shake powder machine Packing size: 780*610*710mm, 45KG
i3200: powder shaker Package size: 890*740*580mm, 50KG
Effect Display

Disen DTF Printer Printing Effect

All-in-one machine for heat transfer and powder shaking: 1,Convenient, high efficiency and low cost: One-stop hollow printing, no cutting plotter, laminating machine, hollow machine,no waste discharge, time and labor saving. 2,Good effect: the pattern is soft to the touch,washable and stretchable, and the wet and dry fastness reaches level 4. 3,A wide range of applicable materials:printable materials include cotton fabrics, high-elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics,chemical fiber fabrics,swimwear,denim,PVC,EVA,etc. Any fabric textile cloth material, any color, any part printing. Best solution for print on demand, custom garment printing. Enterprise Show Contact us

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