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Name:Customized Wall Picture Art Print on Canvas Flower Painting
Material:Waterproof Ink / Cotton
Print:EPSON PRO 9880C
Size:80x60cm or customized

1.Glossy Polyester

Features: Strong coating, colorful, non-fading, non-toxic, odorless, breathable, moisture-proof, wear-resistant,

2.Natural Canvas

Waterproof, high-definition inkjet printer printing, the screen has 3D feel and bump,

3.Mountain wooden frame

The apparent density is smooth, and our inner frame has strong bending strength and corrosion resistance.


Simple and generous, surface brushing process, real material and high quality, to prevent moisture deformation, multiple colors, different scene applications

5. Natural Wood Stretcher Bar

We use pine to stretch each painting, which is pre-Heat Treatment, to keep the material pest-free and keep straight all the time

6. Precise Framing

All paintings framed by experienced staff who been in the production over 5 years; at the time, we CAM as many as possible, all
flows finished by machines

7. Safe Packaging

All cartons are export standard hard cardboard made. Individual bubble bag wrapped.

8. Safe Loading

The container truck goes into our floor directly to load by certain staff. About Eager Art
Eager Art firstly painted for hotels and other projects since 2000, and start producing for galleries,furniture shops and online sellers at 2005. Now we work with clients worldwide and win quite good name in the markets.

Custom Made

Can be customized according to your preferences or style, hotel oil painting style, home style,

Organized Factory

Eager Art owns well organized factory which is over 2,000 sq. meter. Here we get all flows and materials clean and clear.  More and more CAM are used to make framing and packaging quality stable and also more efficient. R & D Create EverydayBased on feedback of different markets, we create everyday.The right bottom is the example photo and the left is what created, same taste but different pattern.This way, you got hot sellin gitems with any copyright problem.With the support of this R&D, our key clients growig business faster than general.Please contact us for the details. Certifications

Assessed manufacture & Product Test Report

Eager Art got both Manufacture Aaasements and Product Test Report.It's 100% guarantteed that every cent you paid here is to build high and stable quality.

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