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Printer headDouble head Epson xp600
Printing configurationWhite+Color
Output accuracy360*720 dpi /360*1080 dpi / 720*720 dpi
Speed(4PASS) Draft mode3m2/H1.5 mins/pc
(6PASS) Standard mode2m2/H2mins/pc
(8PASS) Accuracy mode1m2/H2.5 mins/pc
Ink typeUV hard / neutral / flexible
Ink configurationUVCMYKLCL+WWWWWW
Ink bottle configuration500 ml bottle for ink supply
RIP SoftwarePhotoprint
Color controlInternational standard ICC color control
PC requirementi5 / i7,Discrete graphics
Operating systemWindows 7
Bearing materialSuction platform adsorption
Maximum print range450*350MM
Supply ink systemPositive pressure ink supply system
Maximum print height100MM
Data interfeceUSB2.0 / RJ45 Network cable interfece
Machine size980 ( L ) *1070 ( M ) *620 ( H ) MM
Packing size1000 (L) *1100 (M) *700 (H) MM
Net weight120KG
Gross weight180KG


UV and paint are combined into one design, and UV ink or paint ink can be selected for the first installation before leaving the factory, as opposed to becoming a desktop UV printer or T-shirt custom machine.2. Double head design, equipped with cost-effective Epson XP600 nozzle, coating: CMYK color + W white, UV: CMYKLCLM + W white3. Mini body design, the maximum printing format can reach 35*45CM.4. The suction platform design can firmly absorb the printing medium.5. The platform can be raised and lowered by 10CM, and the diameter of the printing medium can be within 10CM. The platform space can add corresponding fixtures. If it is UV, it can add printing pen fixtures, lighter fixtures, etc.; if it is paint, it can add up to children's clothing fixtures: A4, A5, 9*11CM, etc.6. Equipped with high-speed, silent and wear-resistant imported THK guide rails, high-end stable and long-life Leisai servo motor, which perfectly ensures the printing quality of the machine and prolongs the service life of the body.7. Visualized operation panel, one key to control the operation program of the fuselage.8. International standard ICC curve color, optional Maintop or Photo print.

Note: The quotation does not include the nozzle

Product Description Effect Display Common materials wholesale Coating textile ink T-shirt cotton coating textile ink wholesaleNozzle cleaning agent to ensure the normal operation of the nozzle T-shirts are wholesaled in large quantities, a variety of colors and materials are availableVarious types of original nozzles, ex-factory prices Company Profile FAQ

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We can supply different sizes.our products can be customized with LOGO, PACKAGE, COLOR, etc. Contact Us

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