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personalized service:Accept customize.

The environmentally friendly material PU heat transfer film has a variety of varieties and is bright and clear in color. It has no discomfort in contact with the skin and no harm to the skin. It is as soft and smooth as silk. Choose Us! Win-win Situation!
1.We have experienced team and high-tech equipments.
2.We can make product according to your requirements, such as your size, color, design, and your logo.
3.We can offer you very competitive price.
4.Offering professional one-on one service and replying E-mail within 24 hours.
5.We will checking the quality of the goods before shipment.
6.The vinyl can be returned because of the quality problems
Heat transfer proces Results show PU heat transfer vinyl, it can be widely applied for different kinds of fabric,
1.safe police clothes like traffic police suit, nocturnal clothing etc.
2. t-shirt with cotton,polyester etc.
3. bag, like school bag, hand bag etc.
4. Shoes: sports shoes, canvas etc.
5.sportswear like soccer jersey, basket jersey.
Other Series other colors Choose professional heat transfer vinyl manufacture,you will save more money and time.Contact us without delay! Trade Show Company Profile FAQ

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