TypeInkjet Printer
Applicable IndustriesHotels, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Printing Shops
Place of OriginChina
UsagePaper Printer, Label Printer, Card Printer, Tube Printer, Bill Printer, Cloths Printer
CertificationCE, RoHS, SGS, FCC
Warranty1 Year
Technical supportVideo technical support
Max Print Dimension2.6X100CM
Ink Type‚óŹ Standard Black Ink
Battery Working Time1000 times printing per charge
Ink Cartridge Print Time3500 times per ink cartridge. Test area: 10*2.6CM, 25% coverage
Box Dimension13.5*12.5*5.8cm
Pulley SensorPrint faster, more accurate and easier

Creative Printing
On Curved Surfaces / On Rough Surfaces ( like leaves, stone, glass, mugs )

Custom Temperary BodymarksSkin-friendly Ink

Unique Surprises & Creative Gifts

Invisible Ink

Switch Ink Type in Seconds

Easy change ink cartridge

Print Width 2X Wider Than Typical Printers

26mm Width

3500 Times Continous Print

Single Cartridge = 3500 times Print (2.6*10cm, 25% coverage)

Single Print = $0.01

Cost Effective

1000 times print per charge



Shenzhen Eve-Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by a military research institute employees who left the company, is the first surface printing robotics company in China, focusing on the field of inkjet print head chip technology. Our company independently researches and develops inkjet print head chips, and provides products and solutions such as inkjet print modules and inkjet painting robots.In the 2017 Shenzhen "Star of Entrepreneurship" competition, the company won the second place in the advanced manufacturing industry group. In 2019, we won the winning prize in the final of Luoyang "Star of Entrepreneurship" competition. We aspire to fill the gap in the field of inkjet printing technology in China, while making safe, simple and cool products. At present, we are in the leading position in the field of personalized food printing overseas and in China, especially in the field of coffee printing machine. In 2021, we account for about 60% of the domestic market share of the industry. At present, our products are in the early stage of market development. At this stage, we have launched four types of food printing machines with special features, which can print any edible patterns on the surface of milk/tea/coffee/pastry to meet personalized needs.

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