Five advantages

Transfer rate as high as 99% The surface of nano coating is fine and the printing is clear Washable and colorfast The paper surface is smooth without paper jam and ink dragging Widely used, customized step1: Print the picture you want to transfer(Only thermal sublimation ink is supported) step2: Print the picture on the thermal sublimation paper 【through the mirror printing mode】 step3: Choose a T-shirt to burn(Non pure cotton light color clothes)Cotton content less than30% step4: Spread T-shirt on a hot stamping machine, Put the printed transfer paper on the part of T-shirt to be hot stamping(Face down with pattern), Transfer printing step5: Personalized T-shirt, successful transfer printing pay attention to
After heating to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, press down the cover plate for hot stamping. The hot stamping time is about 20 seconds; 330 ° f = 165.5 ° C
Q: Are you a factory or not?
A: yes,we are factory,with two coating line.add:Industrial Concentration Zone, Yunting Street, Jiangyin City
you are welcome to visit us.
Q: Why the price changes?
A: The exchange rate changes. Firstly, it depends on the exchange rate,secondly,if you order a large amount, it can reduce our
costs, the price would be a little cheaper. but remember A penny a minute cargo.
Q: What printer and ink your paper suits?
A: Normal Inkjet Printer; All water-based Sublimation ink.
Q: What's your transfer rate?
A: Over 98%.( Fast dry series& quick dry series& sticky series )

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