Specification PVC TARPAULIN ROLLPVC Coated Tarpaulin Roll Materials Meets Various Industries Applications. Most of Items We Have Stock in 1.5 M / 3.0 M. Our Stock Regular Color In White, Green, Blue, Yellow.PVC Coated Tarpaulin Roll Materials Meets Various Industries Applications. Most of Items We Have Stock in 1.5 M / 3.0 M. Our Stock Regular Color In White, Green, Blue, Yellow.


1.Accept Brand and Logo Customization.

2.Offer Product Shooting Service , photos,and videos
3.Offer Product Lab Test in Strength,and Printing Properties.
4.Accept Sample Book,Brochure, Flyer Customization.
5.Offer New Arrival Sample Meters every Shipment.
6.Accept Online Quality Inspection.
7.Offer Industry One-stop Buying Service.
8.Offer Free Loading Service in our Warehouse.
Tell us your needs,we will serve you the most suitable solution

Product Description

PVC Coated Tarpaulin Is Made By PVC Resin Coated Onto 1-layer Mesh Fabric. It Was Mainly Used For Sheets, Membrane, Covers, Awning, Tents, Shades, Curtains. Coated PVC Tarpaulin Could Meet Standard Flame Behaviors, Cadmium Free, En 71-3, Reach Regulations, Anti Static, And Other International Standard. PVC Tarpaulin Rolls Widths From 1.0mts -5.1mts, Weight From 240gsm -2700gsm, And Thickness From 0.19mm -2.0mm.

Article DescriptionBasic Fabric Weight Properties 
1Coated Tarpaulin250 x 250 36 x 38240 g/m2Anti Static
2Coated Tarpaulin500 x 500 28 x 36500 g/m2UV Proof 
3Coated Tarpaulin500 x 1000 30 x 17400 g/m2Ripstop Tarpaulin 5CM
4Coated Tarpaulin840 x 840  18 x 18 420 g/m2Knitting Fabric 
5Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  18 x 18500 g/m2UV Proof
6Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1300 18 x 17600 g/m2Twisted Tarpaulin 
7Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1300 18 x 20600 g/m2Ripstop Tarpaulin 5CM
8Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 2000 10 x 20600 g/m2Half Panama Tarpaulin
9Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 20 x 20 500 g/m2UV Proof
10Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  20 x 22550 g/m2Twisted Tarpaulin 
11Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  23 x 23650 g/m2Boat  Fabric 
12Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 23 x 23680 g/m2Ripstop Tarpaulin 2CM
13Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 23 x 23850 g/m2Blockout Tarpaulin, 95% Opaque
14Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 24 x 25 650 g/m2Tent Tarpaulin,  Lacquer, F R
15Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000  26 x  28 1000 g/m2Boat Fabric 
16Coated Tarpaulin1000 x 1000 30 x 30 900 g/m2Panama Tarpaulin, Lacquer,  FR
17Coated Tarpaulin1300 x 1300 28 x 28 1250 g/m2Anti Wick Tarpaulin, Lacquer, FR

High Tenacity Industries Yarn 

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn For Industrial Technical Textile Stands Out High Durability, Toughness And Chemical Resistance To Withstand Extreme Environments. Our Wide Choice Of PVC Coated Tarpaulin Counts Range From Dtex 330 Up To Dtex 16500.  Our PVC Tarpaulin Materials Yarn Mainly is High Tenacity Low Shrinkage,  Also Have Twisted Polyester Yarn, Ripstop Polyester Yarn ( For Mining ) , Anti – Wick Polyester Yarn ( For Tent, Awning, Roofing ) , Panama Weave Polyester Yarn ( For Curtainsider ) , As Well High Tenacity High Shrinkage Polyester Yarn ( For Tank, Sail Cloth ) . 

PVC Resin 

PVC Pastes Are Liquid Or Semi-liquid Suspensions, Comprising – As The Essential Components – Paste Grades PVC Polymers And Plasticizes: Various Additives Are Also Usually Present In A Paste, As Required For Processing And Product Properties. Such As Stabilizers, Agents, Pigments, Lubricants, Solvents, Flame Retardant, DINP,  Anti Wick. Most of Our PVC Resin From HANWHA, LG, TIAN YE, Formosa. Our Standard PVC Tarpaulin Resin is PSM-31, P-450, P-440. 

Coating Process 

Knife Coating Is A Process Where An Excess Of PVC Resin Coating Material Has Applied To The Woven Polyester Or Nylon 66 Substrate And Removed By A Measurement Blade To Achieve The Desired Coating Thickness. We Use Traversing Quality Guidance System The Happyway Can Measure And Control Critical Process Parameters On The Running Tarpaulin Roll Process Across The Entire 3.4M Width Of The Tarpaulin Product. We Obtain High Measuring Sensors To Handle Diverse Vinyl Coated Polyester Fabric Tasks.

Finish Process 

TAK Provide PVC Coated Tarpaulin Finish Processes. Such As Single Side / Double Side Acrylic Lacquer, PVDF Lacquer, Silver Lacquer, Gold Lacquer, TiO2 Lacquer, Leather Embossed, Diamond Embossed, Cloth Embossed, 3D Embossed, Litchi Embossed, Tatami Embossed, Rhino Skin Embossed, Calfskin Embossed, Buffalino Embossed, Snake Skin Embossed, Grid Embossed, Custom Logo Embossed, Stripe Print, Leaf Print, Mosaic Print, Grid Print, White / Black Print , Camouflage Print, Lettering Print.

Tarpaulin Type

Manufacture Different Kind of Tarpaulin Materials To Meet Specific  Industry Applications. 


Ripstop PVC Is Made From A Tough Rip-Stop Weave 1 x 1 Per CM To Reduce Rip Tear -Stop Spread. 

Single – Sided PVC Tarpaulin

Single – Sided Coated PVC Tarpaulin With 23 x 23 / 30 x 30 Per Inch For PVC Keder Product . 

Two – Color  PVC Tarpaulin 

Times Of Coating Process For Two-Color Of A Tarpaulin. Bring Tarpaulin Versatile All-Around Applications.

Fluorescence PVC Tarpaulin 

Fluorescence PVC Tarpaulin Has Fluorescence Orange, Green, Red, Yellow Meet 5 Months UV-Proof.

Silver Lacquer Silver Tarpaulin 

ROWAKRYL Silver Lacquer Silver Tuck Side Curtain Tarpaulin To Help Minimize The Migration of Plasticizes.

Embossed PVC Tarpaulin 

3D Embossed PVC Tarpaulin Roll Materials Offers A High-Quality Textural Contrasting Effect Surface. 

Mesh Tarpaulin 

100% Polyester Dipping Coating Vinyl Mesh Fabric With 35% -70% Air Flow Property For Industries Applications. 

Clear PVC Tarpaulin 

Crystal Grade PVC Tarpaulin With Reinforcement High Tenacity Polyester For Windows And Curtains.

Laminated PVC Tarpaulin 

3-Layer Hot Laminated PVC Tarpaulins Materials For Waterproof Covers, Shields,  Awnings, Halls And Tents . 

PVC Tarpaulin

Heat Sealing & Sewing Tarpaulin

Mesh Tarpalin

Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarp

Canvas Tarpaulin

Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin

PP Mesh

PP Woven Mesh Tarp

Clear Tarpaulin

Crystal Clear Tarp

Laminated Tarpaulin

Fresh Raw Materials We offer buttonholes in five different colors:bronze,black,black bronze,sliver,gold.We accept customized the corner protection of the tarpaulin cover. Our Company

TAK Techtextil Industries Profile

TAK Techtextil Industries Co. Is A Factory Specialized In Tarpaulin Materials And Products.  90% Our Business For Oversea Exporting,  And Europe Market Is Our Main Market. We Work With Famous Brand 

Production Process 

TAK Techtextil Industries Co.Produce Tarpaulin Materials And Products. From Tarpaulin Sheet to Framing Construction and Onsite Engendering. 1. Team With More Than 12 Years Exporting Experience; 2. Machines From Europe; 3. Factory Facilities Exporting Standard ; 4. Price Advantage From Raw Materials to Finish Products; 5. QC staffs in House; 6. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, BSCI & Sedex Audit; 7. Designers in House.

Tarpaulin Certifications 

Our Tarpaulin Materials Passed Many Several Standards And Test Procedures By World- Recognized Organizations. Such As Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Flammability, Cold Craking, Chemical Properties. 

Strength Test By ZTT 


B1 Standard Flammability BY TUV 


We Are Membership Of Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), A Dun & Bradstreet Certified Company.  We Are ISO 9001 And ISO 14001 Certified Company.  We Have Passed BSCI And Sedex Factory Audit, Disney ILS Audit, Amazon FQA Audit.  

ISO 9001: 2015

Registration No.: 0350217Q30491R0S.  ISSUED: DEC-06-2017


Audit ID: 141289. ISSUED BY TUV 




1.We are professional factory and trade company.
2.15 years experience for produce pvc tarpaulin fabric and finsh tarpaulin product.3.Sample in stock ,can be shipped within 3-5days.
4.Stable delivery lead time and flexible payment terms.
5.15years OEM/ODM experience for big dealers.
Packing&Shipping Exhibition FAQ

1. How do you proof Quality ?
We made workflow for each order and you can check your order status online.

2.Do You Make The Covers Or Simply Sell The Roll Material?
We Made Both Roll Materials And Finish Products.

3.What Shape You Can Do?
We Can Do Any Shapes According To Your Measurements. We Will Make A Drawing Ahead For You To Confirm.

4.May We Have A Small Sample Of The Fabric For Checking ?
Yes, Free Sample For Checking Is Available, While The Courier Charge Will Be Paid By Your Side.

5.what Are The Payment Terms You Can Accept?
Our Payment Terms Are 30%t/t In Advance,70% Balance Before Delivery And L/C At Sight. We Could Also Accept Western Union, Money
Gram, Credit Card, Payoneer If You Want.

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