Product ParamentersProduct Paramenters

ltem NameModel Typeweight/OzYarnSize(m)
Frontlit BannerHot/Cold
240±10 / 7oz200*300D,18*121.02-3.2×50/80/100m
260±10 / 7.5oz200*300D,18*121.02-3.2×50/80/100m
280±10 / 8oz200*300D,18*12;500*500D,9*91.02-3.2×50/80/100m
320±10 / 9.5oz200*300D,18*121.02-3.2×50/80/100m
340±10 / 10oz200*300D,18*121.02-3.2×50/80/100m
380±10 / 11oz300*500D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
440±10 / 13oz300*500D,18*12;500*500D,9*91.02-3.2x50m
510±10 / 15oz300*500D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
Backlit FlaxHot/Cold
440±10 / 13oz300*500D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
510±10 / 15oz300*500D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
550±10 / 16oz300*500D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
610±10 / 18oz500*500D,18*12;500*1000D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
650±10 / 19oz500*500D,18*12;500*840D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
680±10 / 20oz500*500D,18*121.02-3.2x50m
Blockout Banner grey/black backHot/Cold
440±10 / 13oz300*500D,18*12;500*500D,9*91.02-3.2x50m
510±10 / 15oz300*500D,18*12;500*500D,9*91.02-3.2x50m
550±10 / 16oz300*500D,18*12;500*500D,9*91.02-3.2x50m
Coated frontlit banner/400±10 / 12oz1000*1000D,18*13/16*16/18*181.02-3.2x50m
440±10 / 13oz1000*1000D,18*13/16*16/18*181.02-3.2x50m
510±10 / 15oz1000*1000D,16*16/18*18/20*201.02-3.2x50m
Coated backlit banner/510±10 / 15oz1000*1000D,20*201.02-3.2x50m
610±10 / 18oz500*500D,36*361.02-3.2x50m
Double side/440±10 / 13oz1000*1000D,36*361.02-3.2x50m
   Products DescriptionProducts Description

Our banner advantage:

Wide range of applications
Good ink absorption
Good ventilation and light transmission
Good tensile strength and tear strength
Good weathering resistance
Long time service life
Special functions:Anti cold; Anti fire;Lead free etc……
  Printing effectPrinting effectSuitable for a variety of printersclear picture / ink quickly dry / bright color / not easy to fade  Packing & LoadingPacking & LoadingPackage : Hard Tube / kraft paper(We often export to various countries by container)(If you have a purchase plan or want to change to a better manufacturer)(please contact our manager +86 15622281228)
  Manufacturing TechniqueManufacturing Technique FAQ

Q:What is Flex Banner? | Types & Advantages of Flex Banners

A:What is Flex Banner?

We have often seen promotional banners of many organizations and events while passing through the roads and highways, well for the same flex banners are one of the commonly used banner types for the promotions.


But have you ever thought why flex banners are called flex banners? Well Flexis simply the word which is been arrived from the word flexibility and on this banner as its been very easy to print because of its material quality which is made up of PVC material that contains organic compound mixture its been called as Flex Banner.


For digital printing flex banner is considered to be the best as its been both affordable and durable and its used mainly for digital printing work.


Q:Which is the usage area of Flex Banner?

 These days use of flex banner have been seen in the different filed like:


1) Its use has been majorly seen in the digital printing area for advertising purposes.


2) We have also seen it as the wall covering displaying the beautiful decorative art.


3) While we all must have noticed them in the exhibitions we visit where its been used to display the informative stuff too.


4) Nowadays its been also sold out in the form of art named as illuminated canvas printing arts.



Q:Types of Flex Banner?

There have been multiple types of flex banners like front-lit, backlit, block out and black/grey back flex banners. Based on the requirements like event promotion, product launch, or roadside billboards customers can choose the flex banners.


1) Frontlit Flex Banners: In simple words, it can be defined as, when lights are pointing towards the front side of the banner such banners are said to be front-lit banners. These banners come in both types glossy and matt finish.


2) Backlit Flex Banners: These banners tend to have high transmittance as light is coming from the backside of the banner, projecting clearer and more visible image due to low translucency.


3) Block Out Flex Banners: Block out flex banner material is highly preferred for displaying high graphics advertising, due to its material quality it can be printed both the side. We all have seen banners hanging in the malls printed on both sides such banners are called block out flex banners.


4) Black/Grey Back Flex Banners: Black flex banners are available in glossy surface with the weight 510GSM, Yarn 500D * 500D(9*9), and 300D * 500D (18*12).


Advantages of Flex Banner?

Flex banners are being made of PVC material so it’s also called PVC flex banners, as they are been made from PVC material they are  light in weight and flexible but still very resistant. It can be used indoors and outdoors both as the material used is not harmful to human beings.


Due to its long-lasting durability flex banners are mostly used for the billboards. They are also comparatively cheap and affordable for the customers compared to the other advertising platforms like TV.

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