Garments printer A3 size DTG printer with L1800 printhead for T-shirt jeans  canvas printing


Product Description


Product Name:   A3 Flatbed printer With Holder Frame 

Product feature:

Can this printer just print T-shirt?

No, this printer can print: Apparel printer(must use textile ink), leather, nameplate, PVC card, PCB, insole, phone case, puzzle, instrument panel,Metal accesor, Stone paintings, feathers, flowers, card, u disk, board painting and etc, print all products can put into printer

The printer with Printer Tray heating :The printer tray is equipped with a heating device. After printing, the ink on the  T-shirt is fast drying, bright colors and high brightness.


Printer software : Can print white and color at the same time 


T-Shirt Printing Speed : A4 Picture T-shirt :5 Minutes   A3 Picture T-shirt : 8 Minutes 


Ink consumption : A4 Picture T-shirt  : 1.1ml    $0.3/Piece   A3 Picture T-shirt :  2.2ml   $0.6/Piece











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