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Small in size and easy to carry, it can print in any place, any time, on any surface.
Print on rough, curved and uneven surfaces, as well as vivid colors.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to print with just one hand, weighing only 160 grams (including print cartridges), the lightest printer available today.
It's easy to replace the cartridge in just a few seconds. Simply open the printer, press in the new cartridge and return to printing.

It has a modern design that is ergonomic and stylish. Suitable for many material.
Details Images Specification
Catridge Color Tri-color
Resolution 1200dpi
Ink Drop 6.4 pl HDW , 3 PL ldw
One-time print height 14.2875mm/0.5625inch
one-time print width>1.3m
multi-line print width>3m
Page yield(color)-415 pages (A4)
Print Speed10ppm
Ink Type Pigment Ink 
Wipe offNormal
Supports Network PrintingWireless
Charging PortUSB Type-C
Multi-line Printsupport Multi-line Print
Support SystemAndroid iOS Windows Linux Mac OS  ;Motion Detection: Optical Sensor
useful surfaceWorks on Permeable material 
TypeInkjet Printer
Interface TypeWIFI
Package Contents1 x Mobile Color Printer (Includes Ink cartridges that can print approximately 3,000 times)
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
Installation Instructions About inks Packing & Delivery The pigment Ink delivers your daily use of the printing.
It drys quickly on paper, fabric, and wood.
If you print on surfaces like metals, plastic, and glasses. it requires more time for drying.
FAQ 1. What are the maximum printing dimensions with a single pass?The maximum printing hight is 14.29 mm/0.5625 inch. For a single pass, it can print 1.3m/4.26 feet long. On multi-line printing mode, it can print up to 3m/9.8 feet. If you want to print the pattern with larger dimensions, you can use the multi-line feature with the help of rulers to put them together.2. Normally, how often do I need to refill or change the cartridge?A single cartridge can print up to 415 full pages of paper (A4), enough for a year of daily use. 3. How long does the ink last on shirts and other washable objects?The printing will last for a long time until you wash it or it’s soaked with water or sweat, which will wash away the ink. If you want a permanent printing, we recommend you take our permanent ink cartridge, which uses the eco-solvent ink. You can choose it in the add-on options.4. How’s the working time/battery life?It integrates a 900 mAh battery. For a single charge, it can continuously print for 6 hours with 1 year of standby time.5. How does it take to fully charged?2 hours normally. For a single charge, it can continuously print for 6 hours with 1 year of standby time.6. Can I print on metal/glass?Still now, we just provide water-based pigment ink .It is more better for carton/paper .

7. Can this printer print on the black surface? or white?
it can print on Black Surface but it can not show the color perfectly if the ground color is too dark. Printing white color is not supported.

8. How can this print black if it just uses the tri-color cartridge?
The Black color you see in the video or campaign page is printed. The cartridge prints black by combining
percentages of cyan, magenta and yellow. and that's how the tri-color works.

9. Printers clean themselves periodically to avoid getting clogged, does yours?
We suggest you clean the ink outlet at least once a month. When you're not using it, it's better to put the lid on. Btw,
it has the clean function, which supports you long-press the button and it will print 3 color line so you know the printing
status in advance.

Package Contents

1 x Bluetooth Mobile Color Printer (Includes Ink cartridges that can print approximately 3,000 times)
1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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