Products Description Product introduction:Because of its portable, high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, customized character height and size according to customer requirements, the handle inkjet printer is widely used in the outer packaging of food, beverage and wine, as well as various steel pipes, woven bags, gypsum boards, etc.
The handle inkjet printer can be used in workshops, warehouses, logistics freight yards, offices, etc. It can be used to print the production date Operation serial number, production shift number, anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing code (or invisible characters), company name, graphic icon, etc. The handle inkjet printer is suitable for inkjet printing of large items or items that are difficult to move.

Technical parameter
Product Nameinkjet pen portable printer handhold inkjet printer for expiry date
Gross weight0.65kg
Material of the machineABS plastic chassis (12.7/25.4)
Master control
4.3 inch color touchscreen can be printed by online editing
Spray Printing Distance2mm guarantees spray printing effect
Spray printing speed40m/min
Printing height2-12.7mm, 2-25.4mm, 2-50mm
Number of sprayable rows6 lines
Information Segmentation6 paragraphs

Sprayable contents
Chinese characters/ upper and lower case letters/ time/date/shift/running/number/symbol/figure/barcode/two-dimensional/code/etc.
File formatTXT file, EXCEL file
Ink jet concentrationTen gear adjustments
Ink colorBlack/ Red/ Blue/White/ Green/ Yellow/UV (Invisible) Inks
NozzleTIJ hot foaming nozzle
Spray printing accuracy300DPI, 600DPI
Working voltage16.8V
Input voltage16.8V
Battery Voltage16.8V
Battery capacity2600 mAh
Automatic energy-saving functionIn standby, the display will darken automatically for 10s
Net weight of machine0.65 kg
Machine specifications130mm×1100mm×240mm (12.7/25.4)
Environmental requirementsRelative humidity range:10%-90% (non-condensable)/-10-40 C machine working as usual
Logistics PackagingWeight:1.65kgDimension: 29.5×22.5×14.5cm (length, width and height)
Product knowledge Q1: What can printer print?A1: The small coding solutions hand held expiry date printer gun can print pictures, numbers, time, months, days, two-dimensional codes, all kinds of patterns.
Q2: What is the printing speed?
A2: The highest speed of printing is 406 meters per minute.
Q3: What is the printing distance between the printer's print head and material? A3: Better between 2 and 5 mm. Q4: How long does it take for the ink to dry?
A4: About 3-5 seconds.

Q5: How much capacity does a cartridge have and how many words can it print? A5: With 42 ML fast-dryingink, a cartridge can print 800,000-1.5 million characters.
Q6: How should I get more videos or details if I need them? A6: You can get more information from our .customer service.
Q4: Does your factory turn out a lot of products?
A4: Sure,It mainly produce hand-held inkjet printer, tto intelligent printer, TIJ inkjet printer, CIJ small character inkjet
printer,laser marking machine, carton UV inkjet printer and other inkjet marking equipment; Ink cartridge, carbon tape, ink and other consumables.

Company Profile Located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, the hometown of giant panda, the company has a professional R & D and manufacturing team, which has served the global manufacturing industry for nearly 20 years. It has rich experience in the application of inkjet marking equipment, computer vision and automation supporting solutions, product quality traceability, market control and other product data application cases, and has many world-famous enterprise customers and partners. It mainly provides hand-held inkjet printer, tto intelligent printer, TIJ inkjet printer, CIJ small character inkjet printer, laser marking machine, carton UV inkjet printer and other inkjet marking equipment; Ink cartridge, carbon tape, ink and other consumables.Professional to create higher value for customers; Sincerely looking forward to your cooperation! Sample Room FAQ 1. How to guarantee quality?From production to sale, the machine is checked at every step to ensure that the final equipment is in order.2. Can you guarantee the safety in transit?It can ensure the safety in transit. Our packing is very strict.3.Will you provide after-sale technical service?We will provide 24 hours after-sales service, we will also have technical staff to answer your questions4. Can I repair it if it breaks down?Can repair5. Where can these devices be used?Our products cover printing and packaging, food and beverage, chemical building materials, pharmaceutical, tobacco, daily chemical, automotive and aerospace manufacturing and many other industries.6. How do I know if your machine works well?Before delivery, we have tested each machine and adjusted it to the best condition. If you have special production conditions, we will adjust to the corresponding state for you. 7.Please contact our sales team and the top 10 will have a chance to get a free sample and more discount

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