A3 Dtf Printer R1390 Pet Film T Shirt Textile Printing Machine A3 Dtf Flatbed Printer For Sale
Advantage :
1. This DTF printer almost all fabric can print, like nylon, leather, fabric, polyester and so on all can be printed. The print effect is very amazing.2. Max print size picture :297*420 mm (11.6 *16.5 inches)
3.The operation is simple, convenient, fast and efficient
4. With white ink stirring function to prevent ink precipitation.
Specification We have below package for choosing :

Match 3 kinds of preferential packages for you
Operation :1. Use software draw the pictures , and then use the printer to print the pattern on the PET machine 2.Sprinkle an appropriate amount of hot melt poweron the printed PET film and shake off the excess hot melt power3. Put the PET film on the heat transfer machine and back for 5-7 minutes ,until the hot melt powder melts , take out the PET film4. Lay the T shirt flat on the heat transfer amchine and stick the sidesprinkled with hot melt powder on the T shirt for patternhot samping and the hot stamping takes 15-20 seconds good rating More quality products for you to choose☟☟☟ Company Information Our factory Packaging & Shipping FAQ

Q1. What Will Influence The Print's Performance?

1. Media types:Media of different brands and materials will receive obvious different performance.
2. Definition of original pictures:The higher of its definition is, the better the print's quality will be.
3. Resolution rate of the printer:If the printer's resolution rate is low, the print's quality won't be satisfied even the
original picture's definition is high. Also, the resolution while printing will influence the print's quality.
4. The same picture will get different color saturation while using different software.
5. As the printer manufacturers adopt different technologies, the print's quality will vary according to printers.
Q2. How Long Is The Shelf Life Of Your Ink?
Shelf life will vary depending on your storage conditions. Normally, twelve months from
the date produced. Once opened, six months in winter and three months in summer at most
Q3. When Will Shipped The Goods After Payment?
3-5 days by express by air and by sea
Q4. Is There Cheap Shipping Cost To Import To Our Country?
For small order, express will be best. And for bulk order, sea ship way is best but take much time.For urgent orders, we suggest
via air to airport plus our ship partner send to your door.
Q5. Why Choose Us?
Our products have quality assurance and 100% after-sales service; our customer oriente, excellent service attitude; our packaging
is strong, will not cause your goods to be damaged during transportation.
We provide free online technical guidance for life.
4Provide after-sales service, one year warranty

How to contact us?Send us an inquiry as soon as possible, you will have an unexpected surprise!

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