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Product Overview

MX-9060UV Flatbed Printer

MEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed Printer with Ricoh G5i Print Heads, Printing Size: 900*600mm. Application: Acrylic, Wood, Glass, Metal, etc Printing Color: CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + White + Varnish. Printing Speed: 12 Sqm/H.
Product Paramenters
MX-9060UV Flatbed Printer
Printing Size
900* 600 MM
Print Head
Ricoh Gen5i Printhead
Numbers of Print Head
3 Pcs
Ink Type
Environment Friendly UV Curing Ink
Print Color
CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + White + Varnish
Ink Monitoring System
Automatic Ink Alarm System
RIP Software
Print File Format
Color Management
ICC Based; Density & Curves Adjustable
Power Supply
50HZ/60HZ, 110~220V
Working Environment Temperature
20C-35C (68F-95F)
Working Environment Humidity
Printing Speed
12 Sqm/h
Our Advantages


MEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed UV Printer use Ricoh G5i industrial printhead, High precision, the minimum ink drop as 2.5 PL, qualitatively improved accuracy. Cost-effective head, Independent printing of four channels in four colors, each color as 300 dpi, only 2 pcs heads for C MYK+ W. High speed, the ignition frequency is up to 40KHz. The nozzle column spacing is small, suitable for printing.


MEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed UV Printer use industrial design print carriage with bottom heating. Customer can choose CMYK/CMYK, LC, LM + W + V according to requirements.The cartridges are temperature-adjustable and can easily cope with various external temperatures.


MEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed UV Printer use of THK linear guide makes the equipment run smoothly, long service life, no maintenance under normal working environment within ten years long life; greatly reduce the noise generated by the equipment in the process of high-speed movement, noise can be controlled within 40 decibels.


TMEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed UV Printer use Integrated honeycomb platform, hard oxidation process on the surface. It is easy for the operator to operate the ball valve during the use of the machine, and the personnel do not need to move to the side of the machine to reduce the movement of personnel.


MEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed UV Printer use industrial design Steel Frame to ensure that the accuracy of the machine will not be lost during long-term operation, so that the service life of the machine is 5-6 times higher than that of an ordinary bed. The bed is processed by high precision CNC gantry milling machine to ensure the geometric accuracy of the equipment.


MEIXI MX-9060UV G5i Flatbed UV Printer Adopt grinding screw drive control device, which can greatly improve the inking accuracy and make the band streaks generated by inking error significantly reduced; configure high-speed silent imported screw, high precision, low noise, wear resistance, to ensure accurate positioning.


MEIXI MX-9060UV Flatbed G5i UV Printer with anti-static bar can avoid the occurrence of static electricity between the nozzle and the material during the normal printing process of the UV flatbed printer, which will cause the phenomenon of flying ink during the printing process.


MEIXI MX-9060UV Flatbed G5i UV Printer uses Double Negative Pressure System. The ink supply process negative pressure device always maintain a balanced negative pressure value of the ink droplets, so that the ink is more uniform, and is not disturbed by the viscosity of the ink itself and the external environments, continuous ink supply to the printhead.


MEIXI MX-9060UV Flatbed G5i UV Printer support to print CMYK+W+V One Time. When the printing medium is made of transparent or other color materials, white ink is used for color reproduction preprocessing, so that the original The color of the body is no longer limited, and the varnish that can increase the gloss can get a more realistic and perfect printing effect.
MEIXI MX-9060UV Flatbed G5i UV Printer support VSDT variable ink droplet technology refers to the technology that can control the size of the ink ejected from the nozzle. After the size of the ink droplet can be controlled, then when printing pictures, you can transition colors, gradient colors, or characters in some pictures. The printing effect of these parts of the skin is very delicate, and the overall printing effect is greatly improved, which makes the color saturation and fineness of the printed picture better.
Model: MX-9060UVHeads Type: Ricoh G5iHeads Quantity: 3 Ricoh G5iMax Printing Size: 900*600mm/98.42*51.18"Print Height: 0-100mm/3.93" ( Accept Customized Height )Ink Type: Environmental Friendly UV InkPrinting Color: CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + White + VarnishInk Supply Method: 2000ml Bulk Ink Supply SystemPrint Head Control: Voltage of Temperature of Print Head AdjustableUV Lights: Cold Light Source of LED UVRip Software: Photo Print (Standard) / ONXY (Optional)Volt and Power: 110/220V 50/60HZ
Company Profile
NINGBO MEIXI CNC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of digital printing equipment. The company is composed of a group of senior technical research and development personnel with strong enterprising spirit and innovative consciousness, as well as management personnel who can adapt to the requirements of modern enterprises and sales personnel with senior marketing experience in the industry.
MEIXI has invested heavily in control system, computer software, mechanical structure, color software and other professional technologies over the years. The R&D engineers aim at the international first-class digital printing technology and dig deep into every technical detail to ensure that each product achieves high precision, high speed and ultra-high life span for long-term stable operation to meet the individual needs of different customers. The quality of our products has reached the international advanced level, which makes our products very competitive. Our products are widely used in advertising graphics, printing and packaging, clothing and shoes, home furnishing, art decoration, construction materials, 3C products and other industries. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries.
We will continue to forge ahead and always take the customer as the center and the market as the guide. The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "pursuit of excellence, realistic and innovative" and the service concept of "service with heart, cooperation and win-win" to provide customers with more comprehensive and efficient industry digital printing solutions.


Our results-oriented approach, our focus on customer needs and our constant innovation have enabled us to continuously improve our solutions and diversify our production, enabling us to always focus on and solve customer problems and maximize productivity for our customers. To make our products easier and more efficient to use.


MEIXI main product line: 2513UV flatbed printer, 3220UV flatbed printer, 6090UV flatbed printer, 2513 panel printer and other equipment. Widely used in advertising signs, home decoration backgrounds, crafts, leather, sliding glass doors and other fields.


With efficient and high-quality after-sales service for customers to protect the shelf; long-term market practice and customer feedback: excellent product quality service first, humane management. Each employee constantly strive to develop, with high quality products and perfect service, side by side with you, hand in hand to create a better future!
Printing sample

Printing Applications

MEIXI UV flatbed printers have a wide range of applications and can provide you with a complete set of printing solutions, allowing you to use one machine to print different materials, different sizes and different colors of materials, stable machines, long service life, high quality and high quality machines make our greatest sincerity.

1.Do I Need White and Varnish Ink?
The limits to what you can print on are seemingly non-existent if you go with a printer that has white ink capabilities. That’s because white ink will help create high-quality graphics on rigid or flexible substrates, like acrylic sheets or backlit films, and can also be used as a “base coat” for printing on non-white materials. Varnish can make the printed picture more shiny, and at the same time can extend the fading cycle of UV ink.

2.What materials can UV flatbed printerprint on?
All flatbed media , such as PP/PVC board, KT board, Acrylic, Organic Glass,Metal,Tile, Phone case, Wooden etc. The UV
printing reduce much work and trouble like lamination, fading, blistering,and save much working hours. Rigid signs board, hard carton or corrugated paper box, special market(like customize and decoration market): glasses, ceramic tiles, wood, even furniture.

3.What’s Photoprint installation interface supported language?
Korean, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional)

4.What about the after-sales service ?
We have many experienced technician, Provide the technical support for all of our customers ,We will teach you how to operate the machines until you master it. Sometimes our technician team will go abroad to test and repair the machines.

5.What about maintenance of the printer?
We suggest to power on the printer once a day. If you don’t use the printer more than 3 days, please clean the print head
with cleaning liquid and put in the protective cartridges on the printer (protective cartridges are specially used for protect
print head) .

6.Are you a factory or a foreign trade company ?
A factory, so we can supply the reasonable price printer and good service.

7. How soon can you deliver your machines?
Usually 14-21 working days. After factory receive your deposit,will arrange to produce for you in time.

8. Can I get supplies and wearing parts from you?
Yes, we provide all the wearing parts for our printers always and they are in stock.

9. How will you achieve the warranty?
If any electronics or a mechanical part is confirmed to be broken, should send the new part within 48hours by express like TNT,DHL, FEDEX .etc to the buyer. And the shipping cost should be born by the buyer.

10. What kinds of materials need premier before printing?
Glass, ceramic, metel, acrylic, marble etc

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