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Painting ShowOSM Introduction

We have more than 50 painter and professional quality control team, they all has lots of experienced of their work, we guarantee oil painting quality and innovation.

Frame Workshop

Daily Output 2000pcs handle frame.

Professional workforce for framed, guarantee each frame is high quality work.

We support kinds of different frame, please contact with us for frame catalog.

Oil Painting Stock

Area 400 square meters.

Able to lay up 30000pcs oil painting.

We have a lot of oil painting in stock, welcome you come and choose any of you want.

Canton Fair – 2013

Canton Fair – 2014

ShenZhen Gallery Exhibition

We've take part in many times of Canton Fair and Art Exhibition in China, work with us, makes things much more Efficient.

Painting Material

Rich colors oil paints

High quality oil painting canvas

About oil paints and canvas

In general, we will use  please feel free to contact us to get our canvas catalog. 0086 137 2866 4571

Shipping and Packing

Roll sending

1.Canvas covered with plastic film

2.Rolled with hard tube

3.Packed with bubble film

4.Covered with tape (big size into a hard tube)

Stretched / Framed

1.Canvas covered with plastic film or bubble film (framed)

2.Four Paper Corners protection

3.Put into carton

4.Covered with tape

About Shippping:

We support you different shipping way : DHL , Fedex , TNT , EMS , UPS and China Post Air Mail.

Bulk orders sending by sea .

Contact with us to get more details.

About Us

OSM Oil Painting Factory has been engaged in producing and designing pure hand-painted oil painting and print painting for many years . the real direct manufacture ,without any middleman ,we are selling with the lowest price . 

We have our own Artists who design and hand-painted 3000pcs on each day . we started printing business on 2016, and now ,we have 20 professional printers that support 1000㎡ per day .


Q1.Could you have more catalogues to show us ?

A:Yes,Please contact with us ,we will send you details by Email .

Q2.Can you paint from my new image ?

A:Yes, We can create new painting from your own images.please kindly show me photos or links to double check.

Also ,you still own the copyrights of the images, we won't show or sell to any others.

Q3.Can we visit your factory ?
A:Sure, highly welcome to visit us !
And glad to pick you up and send back after meeting in Shenzhen city.

Q4.Do you offer drop-shipping service?
A:Yes,we can satisfy your various requirement greatly with over 15 years at nice prices.

Q5.How to order?
Please choose your like on our Alibaba website : 

Or contact me directly to place order quickly.  Dora 0086 137 2866 4571 .

Q6.What is your payment terms?
kindly pay us through T/T, L/C, Paypal, West Union etc.

Contact Us  0086 137 2866 4571

It makes things much more Efficient when working with correct supplier.
Sending question here, you will receive our reply in 14 hours in the working days .

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