The UJV100-160 features two newly developed print heads.

Equipped with UV-LED lights, the UJV100-160 delivers instantly cured prints at speeds of 247 ft2/h (23 m2/h) in draft mode and 200
ft2/h (18.6 m2/h) in high-speed mode, eliminating the drying time required by other ink technologies.

Also, Mimaki’s UV-LED technology combined with a printable width of 64’’ (1.610 m) provide opportunities for use on a wide variety
of media, including paper, PET film, fabric, vinyl, and many more.

Ink type

Additionally, Mimaki introduced a new UV-curable ink, LUS-210, available in CMYK, White and Clear1. The use of white ink enables
superior concealing and print capabilities on clear, colored or metallic media. Clear ink offers unique creativity for a wide
range of applications. LUS-210 inks are also more environmentally friendly, reducing air pollution in indoor environments.

Detailed information please inquiry,
+86 15152377970(WhatsApp)

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