Product Overview

OK-H401 (PET thermal transfer film printer)

A new type of PTE thermal transfer film printer to help you flexibly and quickly produce T-shirts or hats in batches. Bright
colors, no plate making, no engraving. Just like a printer, you can directly print the pictures you need.
DTF Printer (PET thermal transfer film printer)
Print headXP600*1  / XP600*2  /3200*2  (EPSON)
operating systemwin7 / win10
Print width300MM
InkType:DTF pigment inkCapacity:220ML Continuous supply systemColor:CMYK+W
Heating systemShaking powder fixing machine
InterfaceRJ-45 1000M
RIP softwareMaintop
printing speed     6pass:3sqm/h      8pass 1sqm/h
Machine size(L*W*H)   Whole machine:1060*710*570mm     
   Printer size:950*400*600mm        Shake powder machine size:950*560*540 mm
Packing size(L*W*H)
Printer size:1100*500*600mm        Shake powder machine size:1000*600*590 mm

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