Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎PlanetFlame
Brand ‎PlanetFlame
Item Weight ‎3.08 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎17.2 x 11.18 x 0.83 inches
Color ‎White
Size ‎A3, 11×17\”
Sheet Size ‎A3
Paper Weight ‎120
Paper Finish ‎Specially Coated
Manufacturer Part Number ‎PFSHZ-11×17

PlanetFlame different sizes sublimation paper A4 A3 13x19 inches

A4 A3 13

PlanetFlame Sublimation Printer Paper

sublimation paper

I am a new player, What do I need?
  • Sublimation ink: Printing sublimation paper with OILY INK can\’t be transfer to t-shirts or mugs, please search and buy SUBLIMATION INK in amazon!
  • Inkjet Printer: When the printer uses sublimation ink, it can use sublimation ink only. Can\’t use regular ink.

Main Material: Wood Pulp

Quantity: 110 Sheets/Pack

Quality: 100g/㎡, 98% transfer rate


A. Light / white textiles: Polyester T-shirt, Modal clothing, Flax pillow, Oxford fabric bag, Mouse pad, etc. Sublimation paper can\’t use on high cotton content textile.

B. Sublimation coated hard objects: Ceramic mug, Glass beer cup, Metal sports bottle, Plate, Stone slate, MDF blank, Tile, Key chain, Metal sheet, etc. If the transfer effect is not as good as ideal, please check whether there is sublimation coating on the hard surface.

C. High temperature resistant plastic parts (phone case) , etc.

sublimation paper


Want to make Inspired Gifts?

Using a heat press machine and sublimation paper, you can make interesting and cost-effective clothes and cups. It is the best gift for children, relatives and friends.

Want to open a creative shop?

You can do business in physical store and online store. Customized products and holiday gifts for customers. Get their joy and money, It is a long-term business.

Due to the large number of equipment involved in the work, please check each of the following items:

  • Whether the substrate is Wet / Expired / Poor Quality, the surface of the hard object must have a sublimation coating.
  • Printer Settings: Set the paper to “High Quality Plain Paper/Photo Paper”, set the quality to “High Quality” and set the speed to “Slowest”. Click \”More Options\” to customize the color correction.
  • Whether the sublimation ink has expired/deteriorated. Don’t use Oily Ink.
  • Heat press machine heating plate is not enough heating/ Large temperature fluctuation/ Time is not enough / Pressure too low.
  • Whether the sublimation paper packaging is Damaged / Wet and Curled.
  • You can use Teflon Sheet to cover the substrate to help maintain temperature.

steps for sublimation paper


PlanetFlame 100gsm sublimation paper 110 sheets can be widely used.

38 x 38 cm clamshell heat press machine

A4 sublimation paper

A3 sublimation paper

13x19 sublimation paper

ClamShell Press Machine

A4 Sublimation Paper

A3 Sublimation Paper

13\”x19\” Sublimation Paper

Sizes 15×15 inches A4 (8.3×11.7 inch) A3(11×17 inch) 13×19 inch
Advantage Perfect for home use professional use use Transfer rate≥98% Transfer rate≥98% Transfer rate≥98%
Quantity 110 sheets 110 sheets 110 sheets
Wide Application

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