Technical Details

Brand ‎Printers Jack
Item Weight ‎3.64 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎19.5 x 13.25 x 0.8 inches
Item model number ‎sublimation paper 13×19
Color ‎White
Size ‎13\’\’x19\’\’
Sheet Size ‎13 x 19 inches
Paper Weight ‎120
Paper Finish ‎Coated
Manufacturer Part Number ‎sublimation paper 13×19

The Color Ink Expert

Things you should notice before use

1. Colors after printing may look dull. But the colors after sublimation will look much more vivid. Please finish sublimation and see the color result before change any setting.

2. Please Avoid storing in high temperature, heavy wet and direct sunlight.

3. They are only for light colored or white polyester fabrics and polyester coated items. Hard objects must be coated.

4. Its\’ a good idea to use an absorbent cloth or a non textured paper towel behind your transfer to absorb excess moisture.

5. Each heat press, batch of ink and substrate will react a little differently. Printer setting, paper, ink, transfer time and temperature, substrate all play a role in the color output. Trial and error is KEY.

6. Blowouts are generally caused by uneven heating, excessive pressure or overheating. To avoid this issue, use a Teflon pad to cover your transfer and lessen the variations in temperature.

7. No ICC setting, Paper: high quality plain paper. Quality: high quality. Then click on \”more options\” tab. Select CUSTOM for color correction then click ADVANCED and choose ADOBE RGB for color management. 2.2 Gamma.

8. If you haven\’t used these sheets before, we would suggest a practice on some scrap fabric before committing to your best t-shirt.

Professional Sublimation Paper

A Full list of applicable materials:

1. Fabric with Cotton ≤30%: backpack, beanies, boxer, dog shirt, face mask, fannypack, fiberglass, gaiter, jacket, sequin, textile application, underwear, bag, canvas, cap, mouse pads, non-cotton pillow, pillow, sock

2. Ceramic & Tile: glass,tumbler, flower vase, ceramic mugs, ceramic plate, ceramic tiles, cup, mug

3. Metal Plate(Chromaluxe): clock, licence plate, Metal plates, key chain, phone case, tile

4. Boards (Wood): hard boards, cutting board, photo panel, plaques, wall panel

Printing professionals love us!

Simple process for T-shirt

Create & Print!

Set Temp & Time



! No Regular Ink !

!NO HP, Canon printers unless you know it has piezoelectric printhead !

Use inkjet printer with sublimation ink.

Choose \”Mirror Printing\” setting, print on the white side.

!No iron!

Choose the temperature, time and pressure setting, preheat the machine.

When the Temp raised to the one we set, press the handle down 2-3 sec to smooth the T-shirt, then let the printed image face to the T-shirt, press down the handle, machine starts to count down.

After the pressing process finished, peel the transfer paper, Finished

High Color Reproduction

Create, Print, Press! Is it Really That Easy?


High Color Reproduction

The colors came out very crisp and clear, can keep a long time after printing, bright color, ensure high-quality printing of sublimation!

Create, Print, Press! Is it Really That Easy?

Yes, it really is that easy, and it’s fun too. All you need is an inkjet printer with sublimation ink to design, heat sublimation paper on which to print your transfers, polymer coated blanks or polyester garments to which you can transfer your designs, heat press to facilitate the transfer of the ink to the substrate, sublimation really can be that easy!

Make a Fun and Meaningful Gift

With a sublimation printer paper, you can design and create a special gift that couldn’t be purchased off the shelf, your gifts will turn out just beautiful and be treasured forever! There are people out there who are looking for something unique to give as a gift, you can sell sublimated items for holiday, birthday, anniversary, valentine gifts, and you can also start your own business and make money from your sublimated items!

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