Single Pass
NozzelG5i /G5/G6
Nozzel precision1200×600 1200x1200dpi(Variable point)
Equipment DimensionL*W*H 210CM*145CM*160CM
Print dimensionW:5.3cm\\\\10.6cm\\\\15.9cm L:No limited
medium heightMaximum W:50CM, Maximum H:10CM
printing softwarePHOTOPRINT/ PrintFactory
ink TypeLed enviromental UV ink\\\\Determine the ink
by the characteristics of the printing material
Ink matching scheme1.KCMY 2. KCMY+W 3.KCMYLCLM+W 4.KCMYW+V
Related Voltage220v 50/60HZ
Verified power3000W
Equipment N.W800kg
Non-standard customizationThe automatic loading and unloading scheme can be customized
according to customer needs.
Nozzle scheme1:4pcs G5I(KCMY) 2:6pcs G5I(KCMY+W)
3:4pcs G5/G6(KCMY) 4:5pcs G5/G6(KCMY+W)
5: 8pcs G5/G6(KCMY) 6: 10pcs G5/G6(KCMY+W)
7: 12pcs G5/G6(KCMY)
PlasmaOptional installation according to material effect requirements
printer head speed20M/Min(Up to 30 M/Min)

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