Smart industry thermal type ink jet printer machine TIJ inkjet printer for mask production line

Product Description

Friendly Tips:

1. The above price is 12.7mm model. Welcome to contact us if 25.4mm, 50.8mm model interested.2. The above price doesn't include conveyor table. 3. Please do not move ink cartridge under printing status.4. Support both half inch and one inch cartridge printing heads.5. If ink cartridge not used,please cover back plastic clip on ink cartridge. 6. Please wipe nozzle head strongly by tissue in case ink cartridge nozzle head dirty or blocked. 7. Battery and ink cartridge are consumable material which are not covered by warranty.


BP Series Inkjet Printer is high resolution printer with touch screen developed on HP tij2.5 print Technology, featured as high resolution and high reliability. 

It can control 1-2 print heads.

It can print variable data including text, batch number, data of manufacture& expire date and image, matching with various kinds of production lines.

 Technical Parameters




Thermal foaming nozzle

Operating system



Quad core 1.4Hz


300-600 maximum

Screen size

7 inch


English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Italian,Russian, Spanish, Portuguese,Turkish

Shape featuresAluminum alloy
DimensionController: 186 * 116 * 42mm, Print nozzle: 138*96*103 mm
 Net weightController: 0.58 KG, Print nozzle:0.5KG
 Printing height12.7mm/25.4mm
Printing distance 2-5mm
Print content Text, time, batch number, serial number, logo, QR code, barcode


the system can store more than 1000 message (external USB make the information transfer in a free way)
Printing length2000 characters for each message, no limitation on length
Printing speed70m/min
External interfaceUSB, Photoelectric interface
Voltage220V±20% AC input, 16.8V/2A DC output
Working environment

Temperature:0 – 45℃(best 20-30℃)

Humidity: 40% – 60% Rh

Printing materialBoard, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic product, electronic, the fiber board, light steel keel, aluminum foil, etc.
Product Application

It can be seamlessly spliced with double nozzles or independently installed with dual nozzles.

The cartridge is snap-fitted for simple and reliable.

Multiple optional brackets, different mounting methods.

Supporting large capacity consumables and ink bag connection system.

Convenient butt-joint packaging machine, paging machine and conveyor.

Supporting OEM brand and functional personality customization.

Product Details

1. 7 Inch touch screen, intergrated nozzle design, aviation aluminum sanblasting shell.

2. Built in Linux high performance operating system,8G Storage, 2G RAM.

3. The newly upgraded print engune, real time calculation of printing costs, simple operation and stable printing.

4. Anti-counterfeiting, traceable, one thing one code, variable data.



Control Panel

Spray nozzle

Adapter + AC power cord

Connecting cable


Spare parts bag

Diameter 16 mm aluminum pipe  ( 30cm * 3 )

Bearing support * 3, Nozzle fixture * 2, Conveyor connector * 1

Sensor stand * 1

M8 Hexagon screw * 12, M4 round head screw * 8

M8 Hexagon spanner * 1

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Company Information


Q1: Can your machine print on my product?
A1: We can print the contents on the similar material then show you the printing samples. 
Q2: What can I operate the machine? 
A2:we have English manual and video to teach you how to install and operate machine.

Q3:What applications can be recommended for TIJ?
A3:Can be used to print on paper products, plastics, resin, wood, glass.

Typical applications include food & beverage plastic packaging, milk containers, bottles, soda cans, glass lamps, tubes, cardboard, boxes, cabling, and component marking.
Q4:What can I do if I have problems with the printer? 
A4:please take the picture to show the broken parts or show a small video to check.After we confirm the matter by engineer, we'll send you free spare parts within warranty period for replacement and offer technical support.


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