Water based PP synthetic paperIf you are looking for water-based printing polypropylene synthetic paper materials, we hope our products can meet your needs. Our water-based polypropylene synthetic paper weighs 160 g / 180 g respectively. There are 190 grams of waterproof water-based polypropylene synthetic paper. Product Description

product nameWater based PP synthetic paper



texture of material
pp paper
Using inkWater based ink
Usage scenariosAdvertising, poster production
Product description

High color restoration.

The surface is fine and smooth, and has a good texture. The printing performance of synthetic paper is very fine and sharp, which is beyond the ordinary paper products. Suitable for high quality posters, advertisements, catalogues and other products

Multiple gram weight.

Products have a variety of thicknesses to better meet the needs of customers. It has good ink absorption and drying capacity

Good environmental performance.

The production of PP synthetic paper does not need wood pulp and pulp. It is dissolved at high temperature in the manufacturing process. There is no need for bleaching treatment. There is no sewage discharge. The raw material source and manufacturing process of PP synthetic paper will not change and damage the environment.

Carton packing.

The products have moisture-proof film and two-stage head protection plastic, which can better protect the products during transportation Company Introduction Sichuan Kaixi advertising materials Co., Ltd. is a professional advertising materials wholesaler, established in 2005. From the date of its establishment, we will create product standardization, service specialization, talent specialization and industrial scale.The main business is divided into:1. Board series (acrylic board, PVC board, organic board, ktboard, double color board),2. Photo series (back glue PP, weak solvent, back glue brand, car stickers, single transparent, wallpaper)3. Spray painting series (conventional spray cloth, 5 m spray cloth, knife scraper cloth, 3M cloth, 3P cloth)4. Photoelectric products, stationery products, display equipment, hardware accessories and other materials related to advertising. Our Advantages * Advertising industry needs a complete range of products, can better provide you with one-stop service, convenient and fast; * Customer service personnel have professional knowledge in advertising industry, which can better provide you with accurate and effective product information; * The company has a professional warehousing and logistics team, the product delivery packaging meets the transportation requirements, and the delivery speed is fast; * Equipped with professional quality inspection personnel, the quality of products can be better guaranteed by quality inspection personnel from warehousing to delivery; * Perfect after-sales service, after you place an order, there will be exclusive after-sales customer service to provide you with product transportation and product use and other aspects of tracking services.

Payment & Delivery
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Common Problem

How long will it be delivered.

5-200 pieces, which can be sent out from the warehouse within two days. The time of product transportation depends on your address.

Mode of product transportation.

5 pieces can be sent by express delivery, and a large number can be negotiated by both parties. Various modes of transportation, such as sea transportation, air transportation and land transportation, can be adopted.

Transport packaging.

All products are packed in cartons. Orders with large orders will be packed and transported in pallets

After sale.

Products can be sent samples, large orders, please order the sample first, confirmed before purchasing. If the delivery is not in accordance with the requirements of both parties, the manufacturer will contact you to solve the problems。

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