YAOMATEC Wholesale Price English 12.7mm logo printer Industrial Inkjet Printer Handheld Inkjet Expiry Date Printer Shipping:DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/channel1,DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX: 8-11 days arrive
2, special channel: 8-35 days
3. Delivery time: within 1-2 days

Note: don't include import taxes
1,we only charge printer price and freight cost
2,please confirm you have the ability of custom clearance about the printer before buy it. it's better use company name to receive


1, English language
2, no encrypted means you could buy ink locally or buy from us. 3, support print anything especially support variable data function, TXT format variable data. Products Description

TypeYMZ-300 handheld inkjet Printer
Printing Height2mm-12.7mm, max printing height 12.7mm
Display4.3 inch touch screen
Edit Modeledit on printer directly
Ink Cartridge TypeSupport 12.7MM
Ink Cartridge Capacity42ML/Pcs, one cartridge print  800000character
Connect methodedit on printer directly or by USB, can't connect computer directly
Languagesonly English and chinese Language
Font24 fonts available; Special font can be edit BMP image from computer and insert by USB.
Input MethodNative Input Method
Printing contentWords, number, date, expiry date, production date, logo, picture,QR code, barcode,etc.
Variable PrintingNo variable data function
ConnectorUSB, port for electric sensor, port for display screen
Two Functionprint by hand or print online automatically
No encryptedbuy ink cartridge anywhere
Battery10 hours of continuous printing
print graphicsall kinds of logo, graphics can import through U disk by BMP format
Storage2000 messages, OEM is welcome
Package details

one printer
one black ink cartridge a set of parts (see below package picture) Note: don't include conveyor belt
Connect method:
1, edit on printer
2, use usb to input files 3, can't connect computer directly

Printer details:
What's variable date function?

Variable date function means: for example, if you need print 10000 pcs products per hour and each products need have different
barcode and QR code information then you need edit the 10000pcs TXT files and use the variable date function.

this English printer no variable data function, contact us buy 24 languages printer.


1, expiry date, production date
2, logo, picture 3, QR code, barcode 4, variable number and counter. 5,Words, number, could edit on printer directly 6, could print anything any language by BMP format picture Warranty policy under the case of our competitive ink cartridge prices
1, Warranty 13 months in the case of always using our ink cartridge
2, warranty 6 months in the case of don't use our ink
cartridge after the only ink cartridge used out that came with the printer, because the printer’s motherboard will be burned
easily if use other supplier's poor quality ink cartridge.
3, after 13 months warranty: 13-48 months, return for Free maintenance
4, The warranty policy can only be enjoyed under the condition of correct use, man-made damage, the consequences are at your own risk

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